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Covid-19 Update:  At level 2 Hypnotherapy Dunedin has resumed face to face appointments, operating according to Health and Safety requirements of level 2.  If preferred it continues to offer sessions online over FaceTime or Zoom (both programs are free and easy to download). See more…

Karen Hughes MSc (Psychology), PGDipSCWk, DipGrad, BA, DipCAH, HPD, PNLP. SPMHNZ: Senior Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand/Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. International member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy MNCH (Int.).  Member of ANZASW

Science has shown that our minds can control the thoughts that shape the way in how we experience and enjoy the world.  A healthy mind is important to achieve wellbeing. Hypnotherapy may be considered to be a type of ‘yoga for the mind’ where negative thoughts and habits are cast out and replaced with thoughts that are helpful in moving us forward to achieve our goals and dreams.

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Hypnotherapy Dunedin provides a professional and confidential service that draws from a range of highly effective programs and together we can plan the right one for you.

If you would like to make an appointment, or have further questions about how hypnotherapy can enhance your life contact Karen on 027 631 6090 for a confidential obligation free chat.  Alternatively you may prefer to contact me via the Contact Form

Assistance may be available through Work and Income (WINZ) to assist with costs if you are on a benefit or low income.  See Consultations and Charges’ for more details.

Feeling Anxious or Worried About The Future?
This Video Offers Strategies For Dealing With Uncertainty.

Dealing with Uncertainty In Uncertain Times

Please take the time to read the following testimonials that previous clients of Hypnotherapy Dunedin have granted permission to use.   You will find that the range of specialised processes that I use bring about amazing changes in a wide range of areas, but also that age is no barrier!


   Sweet Tooth and Weight Control

Hello Karen.  It Worked – No Chocolates or Sweets!  When I made an appointment for hypnotherapy,  I didn’t know what to expect and was a bit skeptical, but found Karen to be very approachable, straight forward and honest.  After just one session, I was stunned and delighted at the success of it.  From the moment I had hypnotherapy the desire for sweet things absolutely left me and I have even lost my pot belly.  Thank you.”

 Milly M  – Age 97 Years

“Nearly 5 kg total loss so far – slow, but steady she goes.  Feeling great too.  Off to Hawaii on Tuesday for a week and happy for the loss of bulges in the swimsuit!  I am absolutely COMMITTED to further reducing.  Loving my walks”
Lucy A
“Wow wee after 3 sessions with Karen I have lost 6.1kg in 6 weeks.  I have found the programme really good, all those feelings of hunger in ‘regular’ diets have not been there.  I am totally focussed on getting to my goal weight.  I feel content, happier, fitter and more motivated to succeed than I have done in years.  I am enjoying seeing the fat slowly disappear”.
Kelly M
“This Virtual Gastric Band is a brilliant life changing, mind blowing program that I would fully recommend to anyone!!  It was relaxing, easy and that excess weight disappeared surprisingly quickly – within 8 months I shed 20kgs.  I have regained my confidence; self esteem and feel absolutely fantastic”.
Jayne M
“My VGB is going great.  I have lost 28kg so far, and am feeling amazing – even went for my first run the other day!!  I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol this year and love water (lol never thought I’d ever say that) 🙂  So a huge thank you to you”.
“I have struggled with comfort eating since I was 14 years old.  I have finally broken free of my old habit with Karen’s Hypnotherapy and after a session on quit smoking, I’m now a happy non smoker too.  Karen is able to pin point your issues and then able to work with you to find a personal solution through hypnosis.  My five sessions with Karen have been life changing and priceless.  AA++!”
“Such an easy program and weight continuing to track down!  I have not felt deprived at all and I now find myself not interested in those cakes, sweets and chips that I would have reached out for and grabbed in the past”.  

“Things are going really well.  I’ve lost 12.4 kgs so far.  Im feeling more energised and motivated, which I’m loving”. (one month later)



“I am soooo excited and motivated!!  Thank you, I’ve lost about 9 kilos and counting.  I just brought a shirt in two sizes smaller than I would normally :)”

 One Month Later
“Just a quick note to say a big thank you again.  I’ve lost 15 kilos and I would not have been able to do it without your help.  Thanks thanks thanks” 🙂
5 Months Later
“This is a life changing program – I feel in control of life again.  Now 40 kg down and enjoying the journey”.
“Hi Karen  I saw you 3 months ago.  Since then I have gone from 78kg to 66kg, my goal weight.  I have been a yo-yo dieter for 40 years.  I can’t believe how easy the Virtual Gastric Band made it.  I have been an asthmatic since my 20’s;  I have only used my inhaler once in the time I have been loosing weight.  My blood pressure is also good.  Even my Dr is amazed.  Thank you so much.  The only thing I am disappointed about is that I didn’t know about it sooner”.

Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Phobia’s and Depression

” I went to Karen in December 2012, having never tried Hypnotherapy before.  As a first time client I found Karen to be both reassuring and professional.  The initial consultation was extremely helpful in pinpointing where I was needing assistance and I believe that it was Karen’s distinctive holistic approach which strengthened the effectiveness of the hypnotherapy treatment.  My two consultations with Karen have had a very positive effect on my life, not just in resolving the issues I initially went to her for, but in many other unexpected ways.  I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Julie R


“Hypnotherapy has worked for me. I went to see my Doctor because for the past couple of years I’ve been having adrenaline rushes for no apparent reason – multiple times through the day. It was beginning to wear me down. My doctor did a few tests but was unable to help and didn’t seem to want to refer me to a specialist. So in desperation I talked to a hypnotherapist I’m friend’s with overseas to see if she thought hypnotherapy would work. She helped me choose a therapist and I went to see Karen. With Karen’s help I have come a long way and now rarely get the adrenaline rushes and if I do feel one starting I now have the ability to stop it. I feel much more in control of my life, much calmer in myself and am able to focus on the more positive aspects of my life. Thanks Karen for all your help.”

Louise B


“Thank you so much for all your help with my driving anxiety.  I knew I could do it, but you’ve helped me with the last hurdle – my head! and I am now happy and confident driving anywhere”. 



“I first came to see Karen about my sleeping issue. I had never been a sleep talker in my life and all of a sudden I was sleep talking all through the night about work! It was getting to the point where it was putting a serious strain on my relationship. I had always been curious about hypnosis and out of all the people I googled and rang I found Karen to be the most approachable and felt that she’d be the one to help me. We had three sessions and within these sessions she pin pointed other areas that needed working on in order to get rid of the sleep talking and I knew that she was right! My confidence had gone completely and my anxiety was through the roof (from bullying in the workplace) and I felt like crying every day. This wonderful lady has really changed my life and saved me from going down a big black hole. Karen has helped me get me my confidence back to what it used to be (if not more), taught me that bullying is not acceptable and gave me wee techniques to stop the bullying getting to me. I felt so safe with talking to her. I cannot thank you enough Karen because you have really saved my life! Thank you for everything you have helped me with, I really feel as if I am on top of the world again!”

Sincerely Jordy


“I suffered for over 30 years with melophobia – a hatred of music.  My life was wrapped up around it to the point where I dreaded going home, or going outside in case I heard music.  I was on edge all the time anticipating that dreaded sound that would just about drive me crazy and make me very angry.  Since seeing Karen my life has changed and I wish that I had done this sooner!  Karen has helped me relax and calm down.  I can now look forward to going home and I find myself surprised that the sound of music no longer bothers me.  Thank you so much”

Joan D


“Well I gave the injections and things went amazingly well.  Although nervous, I was able to perform them well with none of my previous symptoms showing.  Others were amazed at me, couldn’t believe the difference…..I am even looking forward to injecting as many patients as I can for experience purposes; it is as if the scaredy cat veil has been lifted……Thank you again”

Sarah K


“I wish to say a big thank you for your help.  Since that hypnotherapy I have been brave and got rid of a job that was holding me back in my growth as a person, and stood up for myself and others in my full time job – all of which confused my bosses.  Both are blown away in what I have done, but am still on good terms with both.  You have helped control my fears and do good in the world for me and others – which is what I am all about.  A lot of people owe you their thanks if they knew what had helped me.  I said to you before we started I could do what I said if what you did worked, and it did – ten fold.  So thanks again!”.

Norm F


“Karen is open friendly and immediately put my mind at ease.  I find that just talking to Karen is a big help and the hypnosis very pleasant.  Her skills as a counsellor as well as a hypnotherapist really helps”.

Fiona M


“I came to see Karen in January 2013. I was 52 and had a life dominated by depression. Indeed my normal state was one of depression and I had no concept of peace and enduring happiness, my life was dominated by fear.

I had seen counselors, psychologists and even a psychiatrist and I was prescribed ant-depressants that seemed to provide little benefit on a good day and did not stop debilitating depression reoccurring. Once I understood that depression could be seen as an illness of the subconscious mind it was an easy step to realize that hypnotherapy might be able to help me. I searched the internet and found Karen’s page. What impressed me was Karen’s background in dealing with people and qualifications in Psychology and Social Work. Perhaps most surprising to me was that Karen was the first person I had met that understood the process of recovery from depression and what I should be looking for. Some time later Karen gave me exercises on taking control of my emotions which I now put into effect in my daily life.

It’s now May 2014 and I have a life that I could never have imagined. I am relaxed around people and engage in conversations in ways that I had never been able to do. I still get nasty depressions, but typically they last about 90 minutes and occur once or twice a month – not lasting months as has been the case in the past. I no longer need anti-depressants and am glad to be away from their side effects. Perhaps the most profound change is that I go to sleep at night happy anticipating an interesting future ahead instead of worrying how I will cope.

The best recommendation I can make is to relate comments that people have made to me. One person I know said to me “I have been working at recovery for 17 years and after 3 years you have made more progress than me” and another person battling depression and emotional stress has said “I think you have found a way to speed the process up”. The one difference in my recovery is that I did hypnotherapy with Karen and worked at it”.

Paul M


  Habits – Hair Pulling/Nail Biting  –  Addictions

“Just an update since I visited you a couple of weeks ago.  I have been pulling my hair out for 36 years, have tried different treatments, but hypnotherapy was an instant success.  From the moment I left your place I haven’t pulled out any hair.  I have touched my hair once or twice, but only gently and my immediate reaction is to let it go.  My hand has no will in it.  I listen to the recording most days and it is very enjoyable.  To me, the results of your hypnotherapy are miraculous.  Thank you so much”.

Jillian W


“The results are awesome  …. I haven’t even thought of biting my nails which is unheard of”.

John S


“Hi Karen, what a night.  I went out unusually relaxed, had ONE drink, and large water, first time in years I was the sober driver, yah and thankyou.  (hubbie said on the way home how proud he was).  I have appreciated my small steps, but ….. that was big!”

Sandra N


  Hypnosis For Birthing  –  Fertility

“Just to let you know that Baby ……………. has arrived.  I can happily say that the Hypnosis for Birthing skills were amazing in my birth process.  The Hypnosis for Birthing education supported me to ‘re-programme’ my brain in regards to support my new beliefs and cultural expectation that childbirth does not need to be accompanied by pain. The first portion of my birth was tolerable with the use of effective breathing, visualizations, affirmations and relaxation strategies to make the ride of the contractions easy to manage.  I can comfortably say the Hypnosis for Birthing was the reason that the final 60 minutes of my labour was as ‘easy’ as I experienced.  It was uncomfortable and the pressure was high – but pain, panic and anxiety were not a major factor as it had been for previous births.  Thank you so much”.

Sarah E


“She has arrived!  The birth went very well – I am certain that releasing those fears definitely helped.  Many thanks”.

Emma S


“You may remember me.  I came to see you a while back for a session to help me get pregnant – I had been trying to conceive for 2 years.  Well…. after listening to our recording a lot and mentally letting go of stress we conceived after 2 months!  ……….”

Amy J


Sleep – Insomnia

“Karen saw me last year for insomnia which was actually post natal depression in disguise after having my first child (then 9 months old).  I was no longer able to get to sleep and stay asleep overnight – my baby didn’t sleep well either so I was in trouble.  Having tried herbal supplements then prescription sleep medication without success I decided to try Hypnotherapy.  From the first session I was given a recording that I listened to every night before I went to sleep and within 1 – 2 weeks I was able to get to sleep and return to sleep quickly and effortlessly when awaking overnight.  Being able to get a better night sleep was a huge turning point for me, not just lifting my energy levels and mood but also helping me feel like myself again.  I am grateful to Karen for helping me at my lowest point.  Thank you”.


Karen Hughes Hypnotherapy Dunedin