Hypnosis For Pain – Professional Hypnotherapy Services In Dunedin To Help Alleviate Pain Conditions.

Do you suffer from chronic pain?  (Medically defined as pain that has been present most days at varying levels that has lasted – or expected to last 6 months or more).

  • Is your pain impacting on your enjoyment of life?
  • Are you having difficulty coping with the pain itself?
  • Is it causing you to be grumpy, anxious, irritable or depressed?
  • Is it affecting your ability to work?
  • Is it affecting relationships with family and friends?
  • Is it affecting your leisure time?
  • Do you want to reduce, or even eliminate the need for pain medication?
  • Do you want to take part in and be involved in your own healing process where you can take control by learning how to block your body’s pain signals?

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