Hypnosis Via Skype With Karen Hughes At Hypnotherapy Dunedin

For those unable to travel to Dunedin for their consultation, Hypnotherapy Dunedin offers sessions via Skype.  This means that you can make amazing changes in your life – all while relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

It’s never been easier!

All that is needed is:

(1)  A fast internet connection – Broadband

(2) Download and install Skype

(3) A headset or microphone and speakers.

(4) A safe and comfortable environment.  It is important that your body is supported while you are under hypnosis. A good way to determine whether or not a particular place is suitable is to ask yourself if you would be comfortable falling asleep on that particular chair or couch.  Additionally, it is advisable to ensure that at the time of the Skype session your phones are switched off and you will not be interrupted.

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For further information on how to experience this amazing opportunity contact Karen at Hypnotherapy Dunedin on 027 631 6090.  Alternatively you can contact Karen via the contact’ icon along the top of the webpage.

Effortless Change As You Relax With Hypnosis Via Skype

Karen Hughes Hypnotherapy Dunedin