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Do you experience any of the following emotional or physical symptoms?

Emotional Signs                                                                                                                                           

  • Do you suffer from feelings of overwhelming anxiety or panic?

  • Do you have intense feelings of the need to escape?
  • Feelings of being detached or ‘unreal’?
  • Feeling that you are going to pass out, or die?
  •  A fear of going crazy or of losing control?
  • Knowing that your fears are an overreaction, but feeling powerless to control the reaction?

Physical Signs

  • Difficulty breathing
  • A racing or pounding heart and/or check pain or tightness
  • A churning stomach
  • Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Hot or cold flashes; tingling sensations and/or sweating

*  Symptoms of a phobia can range from a mild feeling of apprehension and anxiety through to a full-blown panic attack 


If you experience any of the above emotional and physical symptoms you might like to consider treatment if:

It causes intense disabling feelings of fear, anxiety and/or panic

Avoidance interferes with your normal routines and/ or you find yourself avoiding certain situations and places

You recognize that the fear is unreasonable and excessive

You have had the symptoms for at least six months

You may be surprised to know that you are not alone as 10% of people will develop a phobia at some stage in their lives.  Further to this, phobias can range from the common to the unusual – in fact we can develop a phobia to literally 1000’s of situations, animals, things, or even to naturally occurring environmental phenomena.

The good news is that hypnotherapy can help you overcome your phobia leaving you free to get on with your life.

There is no need to suffer in silence.

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