Why Hypnosis For Pain Relief?

  Can I Relieve Or Eliminate My Pain With Hypnosis? 

The short answer is yes!  There is no need to allow your pain to control you.  Hypnosis can help turn things around to the point where your mind is in control of the level of pain that you are currently experiencing. And lets face it………no one wants to experience pain!

Hypnosis has been used all over the world as a means to provide anesthesia for dental work and a variety of major surgical operations. Hypnosis as a form of treatment for chronic pain has been scientifically shown to be an effective way to manage and reduce pain intensity and positively influence quality-of-life.

Many experts agree that hypnosis should be considered a ‘mainstream’ treatment option that is incorporated into a treatment plan.  Hypnotherapy works in a number of ways.  It takes into consideration the psychological and emotional factors that contribute to keeping your pain alive and helps turn these around by focusing instead on calmness and positivity.  Specific visualisation techniques are taught where you will quickly learn how to shrink the pain as well as activating your body’s own built in healing and pain control system.


Control Your Pain With Hypnosis

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