Hypnosis For Bedwetting – Professional Services At Hypnotherapy Dunedin To Help Your Child Remain Dry At Night


Sleep Peacefully With Hypnosis

  • Has your child been consistently dry at night for a period of time (6 months or more) and then begins to wet the bed?
  • Has he/she never been consistently dry at night for a period of 6 months or more?
  • Have you taken your child to a GP and the bedwetting continues despite tests ruling out organic (physical) causes?


If medical or physical causes for your child’s bedwetting have been ruled out hypnotherapy might be the answer. 

If there is no medical or physical cause for your child’s bedwetting then childhood anxiety/emotional stress may be the cause of the problem/or contributing to it.
Children do not wet the bed deliberately and it is possible that there is a subconscious reason why it is happening that you nor your child are aware of. Sometimes changes that include the arrival of a new baby, parental separation or divorce, a death in the family, problems at school with friends/bullying/or homework or even nightmares can be a cause of enuresis (bedwetting).  




Hypnotherapy works well for most children where symptoms can reduce or disappear completely.


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