Consultations and Charges

Hypnotherapy is an individual process therefore the number of sessions may vary (average between 3 – 5).  For best results we recommend starting with at least two (2) sessions.

Session One:
Please allow 1 ½ to 2 hours for your first session.  The session will be divided into two steps.

Step One:  We will look at your medical history, what has been happening – for how long, how it has been affecting you and your goals for change.  From this information a program will be designed to suit your individual needs.

Step Two:  You will experience your first hypnotic session where we take the first steps towards achieving your agreed goals.

Within this session you will also begin your journey into learning how to use self hypnosis to enhance the level of control you have over your life.


Subsequent Sessions:
These may vary from 40 to 60 minutes. We will be building on to the positive results from previous sessions.  You will receive a free recording of this and for each follow-up session.

Note:  Additional material such as a CD is included in the session charge.  To maximize the effectiveness of the program it is important to listen to your recording at home.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

If you would like someone to accompany you a comfortable reception area is available.


Session Fees:  These vary according to the number of sessions booked.  A number of discounted packages are available.  Please contact me for further information.

Work and Income (WINZ) subsidies may be available of up to $60.54 (as of 2014) if you are a beneficiary, student or on a low income and met the criteria.  Your doctor and I will both need to sign a form that then needs to be processed through WINZ.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday. Appointments can be arranged for after normal business hours.

  Payment: Cash or cheque at the end of each session, or if booking a package payment at the conclusion of the first session.  Payments can also be made by internet banking in advance.

If you cannot attend your appointment, please contact me as soon as possible.  If no notice is given prior to your appointment you may be charged at the full session rate.

Booking an Appointment: To book an appointment refer to “Contact Me” along top right of browser, or phone Karen on  027 631 6090.

What if I live out of the Dunedin area?  Skype sessions are also available.  Please refer to “Skype Consultations” for further information.

Enquire Today

Contact Karen at Hypnotherapy Dunedin 027 631 6090 or use the Contact Form (top right) for further information.