How Do I Choose the Therapist That Is Right For Me?

You will find a number of local hypnotherapists listed on the internet or in the phone book.  When choosing a hypnotherapist in New Zealand it is important to be aware of the following fact…..

Currently there are no national standards for Hypnotherapy in New Zealand.  This is unfortunate for the public when trying to decide what hypnotherapist to choose as it allows people to advertise themselves as hypnotherapists, with few or even no formal qualifications.

For your safety you may like to consider the following tips when choosing a Hypnotherapist: 

Tip 1  Make sure that the hypnotherapist is a member of a recognized and relevant association and that this can be verified.  Choosing someone who is a member of one of the associations means that the hypnotherapist has satisfied the criteria for acceptance into the association and adheres to a code of ethics and practice.  It also means that you have someone to complain to if you are not satisfied.  It is also advisable that your hypnotherapist holds a Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma.  This shows that he/she has satisfied the criteria necessary for graduation and competence as a practicing hypnotherapist.

Tip 2  It is preferable that your hypnotherapist holds a tertiary qualification in either Psychology, or the Health or Social Sciences.  A background in these areas will demonstrate his/her theoretical and practical ability.

Tip 3  A good criterion is satisfied clients.  Ask your hypnotherapist for testimonials.  Any hypnotherapist who has been in business for any reasonable length of time will have letters from grateful clients.

Tip 4  Questions to ask yourself:

Do I feel comfortable with this person and am able talk openly and freely with him/her?

Does this person seem genuinely interested in me and in my problems?

Does this person ask a lot of questions about me and seem knowledgeable?

Do I feel safe, welcome, accepted and treated with respect?

Do I feel listened to and understood?

Does the clinic/office feel comfortable?

Tip 5  Listen to your inner voice.  How do you feel after talking to the hypnotherapist on the phone? If you feel during your first session that the hypnotherapist is asking you the right sort of questions and you feel comfortable opening up to him/her then this is a good sign.  If you don’t feel comfortable, go ahead and say so.  There are many good therapists out there and it is about finding the right one for you.

Your hypnotherapist will be happy if you bring a support person along with you.  If this is what you would like – ask.

If you are not given a recording of the session ask if  he/she will be happy for you to record the session to use at home for reinforcement.

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